Friday, February 17, 2006

Memphis: Revisited

Okay, for starters, let me just update you and tell you that your buddy David is making a very good show of Canadian manners because I have been mean and snarly most of today and he's been very corgial. Y'all would be proud.

Next, David mentioned that we had a thunderstorm last night. Correction... David saw a flash somewhere and heard some thunder. We DID NOT have a thunderstorm. He made this comment to a couple of my friends and they just looked at me funny like, "What's wrong with you friend, Stacy?"

Third, David is a magnet for every vagabond in the tri-state area.

And apparently David has decided to bring enough tobacco home with him to give the entire Northwest lung cancer.

I look forward to visiting y'all soon.



Gabe said...


biss said...

We're actually in the Southwest, often known as the Wet Coast, but right now the Freezing Cold Coast.
Now, the rain acts as a filter, so we should be safe from lung cancer, right?

pasivirta said...

yes. yes it does. we are safe, and the tobacco is so nice that it is better not inhaled, but let to breathe in the atmosphere. no inhaling for this, its so nice and aromatic...ahhh. I bought it from a minister.

elizabeth said...

what ever. BC is north west to most. ha! elizabeth the american peeks out of her quiet Canadian shell ;)

STACY, i want you to visit me too!!! :) how bout a all-Canadian tour? :)