Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Speaking of Seraphim's Amazing Paintings...

I have the word from the painter himself, that a couple of original painted works will be donated to the Project Mexico Silent Auction taking place next Friday, March 3rd. The Marimba Soiree will showcase the talents of many in our community. Dan Steenburgh will be giving us a sample of Marimba music along with some other good surprises.

If you have something you are able to share in the Silent Auction portion of the evening, please prepare it and bring it to church with you this coming Sunday. Pass the item along to JeanClaude or Muryn and I will collect it from them and prepare it for Friday's events. Some ideas might include: a handmade item, a beautifully piece of photography simply framed, a ceramic piece, or a gift certificate to a local business that you frequent. It could be a book you've written or a CD you've recorded. It could be a children's toy you've fashioned with your own hands, or a pair of tickets to a local cinema or theatre event.

The project Mexico team from the lower Mainland is now: Josina, Sarah and Seraphim (who has gracioiusly taken my place, as I am now unable to go.) Please keep these and the others in your prayers as they prepare for the trip.

All contributions (financial and otherwise) will be greatly appreciated.
See you next Friday!


Gabe said...

Kim, I was looking very much forward to going to Mexico with you! This makes me sad.

kimberley said...

Ah me too. My boss has been very generous in the past with time off and so if he says solemnly that he needs my support here, I just need to stay.

Be of good cheer, Gabe. You get Josina! Seraphim! and Sarah! and Jenny! and Mira! and Mira's Mom! and so many other good ones.

kimberley said...

I just recieved word that Oleksa will be donating 5 copies of Bright Sadness to the Silent Auction. (perhaps vouchers until they are moved in, end of March) but nonetheless if you guys haven't already listened click back on MatDonna's link. It is such life-giving, beautiful music.

elizabeth said...

well... may God guide, grant and uphold all meet and right things [is it meet or met?] :)

blessings on all of this!