Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Apologies and Invitations

Recently, I submitted a post that was an apparently ill-conceived spoof and ironically got David into a bit of "trouble." This highlighted, for me, the fact that this blog does indeed associate stongly to St. Herman's and should be respected for such. So, to begin with, my apologies to everyone, especially David who caught the fall-out from my choice.

On a related note, the young adults from my church have a Yahoo Group called The Orthodork Cafe which operates in similar fashion to this Spruce Island blog -- fun, informational, and closely related to the workings of my home parish. For a number of months now I've been receiving requests from Orthodorks across the globe requesting to join. I'd love to have somewhere to direct them that would probably be more along the lines of what they're looking for.

Additionally, I like the idea of Spruce Island and would like something similar that I can invite my friends to join but will be larger in scope than a local parish.

So... given those 3 factors The Orthodork Cafe: THE BLOG has been created. If you'd like to join surf on over to the site and send an e-mail my way.

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kimberley said...

Hi Stacy, This weekends going to be pretty fun over on Pender. Maybe we could helicopter you in? or something.