Sunday, December 11, 2005

Party at the Jordan's on January 1st

Be a party animal! Roll up for the Jordan's Annual New Year's Festival on January 1st, 2006 starting at 6 pm.

Bring an appetitizer and some beverages; if you need to bunk down over night, Kurt would be more than happy to have you count sheep on his side of the bed :P

But wherever you sleep on January 1st we don't care, we just need you there to help us rejoice -- and to rejoice fully; hence, just don't be a party pooper. So come one, come all; it should be a blast!

Looking forward to seeing all you party animals there!!!



Matthew Francis said...
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Matthew Francis said...

You know, I think this is the first New Years in four years that I won't be able to celebrate with you all, as Krista and I will be enjoying the holidays on this side of the Rockies... So, if you would be so kind, raise a glass of 'Presbyterian holy water,' and toast Kurt for me!

Gabe said...

Yup, good ol' parties on the coast. *sigh*

"I'm just a lonely wanderer"

kimberley said...

well wander on out for it, Gabe. i few of us can walk and meet you half way. we can bring slurpees?

myn said...

allow me to be the first to say that i will be there. where else would i go on new year's...???

MatJenny said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I can swing it -- my priest of a husband has to be in Vic for Liturgy, but maaaaybe I could remain on the mainland that long and leave kiddies with grandparents. Hmmmmmmmmm I should really go think about it without necessarily writing down the entire process, eh? The electronic solipcism of our times. . .

kimberley said...

ah...whatever needs to be done...we're all here for external thinking it through...that'd be great if you could be there!

MatDonna said...

Sounds great!

I have heard rumours that this party-prone parish would like to celebrate the ENTIRE twelve days of Christmas! ;-)

So far we have:

Youth gathering (Wed. Dec 28th)

Men's "breakfast" (Fri. Dec 30th)

and now Jordans' New Year party (Jan 1)

and IIRC, Biss & Phil have a regular Thursday gathering-- if that applies to Thurs. Dec. 29th, then we already have a total of 4 out of 12 days covered.

It must be noted of course that the west's traditional "Twelfth Night", Jan. 5th, is for us Orthodox a strictly Lenten fast in preparation for Theophany. I don't know if Father & parish council have set the Theophany services yet, but
I suppose after taking a break from partying over the fast on the 5th, we could count Theophany itself, the 6th, and the service(s)thereof as the twelfth party that makes five and leaves only seven to fill up....;-)

I won't be hosting one myself this year, mind you-- but next year, when our house is a little less crowded!

elizabeth said...

sounds fun... personally i will be at home in MI...that will be the last night before i start my journey back to co-op, my church and life here in Ontario... (though DV that day i will see one of my friends ordained to the priesthood... which is quite exciting...)

Gabe said...

Slurpees would be awesome Kim!

Magdalen said...

Sounds like fun! I'm probably (hopefully) getting that day off, so I'm totally there, Vic!
re: Youth event: Just want to stress that it is a *youth* event, and not one of the hosted parties. I don't want to go volunteering Maria D's house for a parish party without her knowledge or consent, and, let's face it, youth group just isn't youth group if the stuffy old people are there. ;) Perhaps someone in Surrey will host something on the 28th, so that all the parents can hang out there while Maria and I get to party with the other kids. (Yes, I'm including Maria and I in the list of kids.)