Sunday, December 11, 2005

Canadians who visit Graceland (aka: Memphis)

I think there's a few of you who might know this guy! He was a bit confused as to how I "know" you and how I'm affiliated with a St. Herman's blog (of course, then again, so am I) but he's a smart lad and figured it out. It was fun to throw around names that I know as though all of you are real and not merely a figment of my electronic imagination. It looks as though I'll get to see him again in a few weeks when I'm home for Christmas. He and his dad will be at the Cathedral in Wichita, KS for a mutual friend's ordination into the diaconate.


Mira-cle said...


Aww Stacey, send a big hug on my behalf as well. I met him during his visit to the west coast a few weeks ago.

and try to get him out into blogworld! haha I know its wishful thinking. But maybe he'll cave if everyone bothers him about it.

kimberley said...

Ah it's Peter of Margaret and Niko fame! (Niko and Margaret are 3 and 1, Stacy; Fr. Chris and Kim's kids. the singing Esme is their sister) Anyway Peter was their most beloved house guest ever.

A new friend of ours Abby (aka Abbotsford as per Sava) is heading to unknown parts of the States over the holidays and so FrLawrence called over to announce her visit. She was so delighted that someone would be expecting her. There's nothing like being a part of such a gracious, eternal and universal family.

MommaKim said...

Ahh Peter.....What is there to say except--MOVE TO VANCOUVER!!!!
How was your music workshop? We are going to have Peter come to Holy Cross Mission as soon as we can swing it; and not ever let him leave!

Stacy said...

Peter did a wonderful job and WOW was it ever evident on Sunday! The choir sounded great!

I don't sing in the choir but I LOVED the heady information he provided during his address Saturday evening. I'm going to be able to use some of it in a paper for my final project so it was doubly cool to me.

I like your plan about kidnapping and keeping him. He's pretty great, it's true. You're only allowed to kidnap him, though, if you allow him temporary vacations to visit Kansas and Tennessee.

MommaKim said...

I think we could figure out some sort of visitation.
What part of Kansas? I have dear friends at St Vlad (Justin and Jodi Matthews) that are from Kansas.

Stacy said...

I'm from Wichita. (Of course I live in Memphis... two best parishes in the lower 48 are in Memphis [St. John's] and Wichita [St. George Cathedral]-- of course, I'm a bit bias)