Friday, December 30, 2005

by the way

Who out there can tell me Fr. Lawrence's email address? The one posted on the website doesn't seem functional.


kimberley said...
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MatDonna said...

Kimberley, can you please edit the post to show the e-mail address written out to protect it from webcrawlers-- that's exactly why Father had to get a new one, the old one had been overwhelmed by spammers.

frlawrence at sprint dot ca

or something like that please

MatDonna said...

Though come to think of it-- the e-mail address that's on the website should be fine,
frlawrence at or whatever exactly it is, so long as you replace {at} with an @ sign when you send the e-mail. It should just automatically forward any message to Father's personal address.

ah, the mysteries of cyberspace...;-)

pasivirta said...

Hey, I tookit off to saveit, sorry Kimberly, no offense,maybesendittoQjesse
at his email hunchbackscholar at gmail dot com

I have to run towork. maybeIcan sendit later. peace and prayers Q

kimberley said...

oh of course, my apologies. thanks dave.

Fr. Justin (Edward) said...

Oops. The e-mail address on the website was indeed non-functional, since it was still forwarding to Fr. Lawrence's old (now non-functional) address. Glad you brought it up - I'm updating the frlawrence{at} (replace {at} with @, of course) address now.