Tuesday, December 20, 2005

in michigan, safe and sound

hi all... here i am in the States. every time i come home is joyous but always with a sense that i am suddenly missing part of myself...which i think has to do with not being in my own house, with my phone (sob) and not being in Canada :) but... i have nothing to complain about. i am blessed to be able to be with my family.

Victoria, i appreciated your post/lament about how our culture seems to think that love is shown by giving material gifts... i think it actually is a problem... i struggle with it for sure... perhaps one way to deal with it would be to make gifts of give smaller but meaningful things? i do not think there is an easy answer or even just one answer.

i am so thankful for each one of you! hoping and praying that everyone is well!

ps: Peter how is Deanna? (it's tuesday) and RW...any word on the interview you had last week?


katrinka said...

Hi Elizabeth!
I am glad to hear that you have made it to MI safe and sound. I look forward to talking over the break. My phone situation should be cleared up tomorrow or for sure by Thursday so I'll for sure be talking to you soon. Ah, so much to say about this past weekend!

Simply Victoria said...

Glad you made it safely Elizabeth! What church do you attend while you're at home? (or visiting, were you raised in Michigan?)

Stacy said...

Glad you arrived safely Elizabeth! I completely know what you're talking about with regards to not feeling like you're completely yourself when you're visiting home for the holidays. I go through the same thing every year! But it's OH SO GOOD to be home, too. Can't wait! I leave on Friday!

elizabeth said...

hi! to answer victoria's question...i was chrismated at st. nicholas antiochian [spelling?!]a year ago autust 8..after leaving our beloved st. herman's in langley in march of that year... they [my GR MI church] have a website but it usually does not come up on google... it is a larger orthodox church and i am one of the godchildren of my priest's wife...so it will be really good see her again... both fr. dan and my godmother teased me already when i called, saying, 'oh, they let you in the country did they'. and of course, knowing me and my gullible, taking statments literally, did not realize they were teasing till after the fact. of course once i realized what they were doing i thought it was quite funny. silly me.

stacy...i agree...it is good to be home...

and KT... can't wait to talk to you!