Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Phiss and Bill

So. Sadly. we must face the truth.

they are leaving.

however, we can and will send them off with a sweet-lovin' par-tay, as St. Herman's only can do.

It will be after the Dormition,

we will do it in Aldergrove at the house of many, just off 264 and Fraser Highway, where the BBQ will be in full effect, as will the fridge.

however, when is best? tuesday night after liturgy? or sunday afternoon-evening the 20th? I think sunday would be best because it is a weekend, and many people are already near church, so we can just wander to aldergrove around 4pm, and the evening will go until the ones usually last to leave are still there. thats Phil. always last to leave.

Or...any other suggestions? talk amongst yourselves, Gabe will post an update next week.


Owen's Mama said...

Sunday teh 20th is Maria and Jordie's wedding. So that won't work.

matushkadonna said...

House of many. What's the Greek for that, polyekumenos? or would that be "many houses"? hmm...must consult Vivian .....;-)

what about the Saturday afternoon the 19th?

matushkadonna said...

Oh, and even though they haven't been around as long as Phil, Nick & Klaudia are also, alas, departing eastward very soon.

There was talk of a cake at least for both sets of deserters I mean members :-) who will be sadly missed at the post-liturgy meal on Dormition. So anyone at that service can have a chance to bid them all farewell even if they can't get to a separate party.