Saturday, August 05, 2006


The time is fast approaching when students must return to their studies. Certain students, the kind who live on Vancouver Island, need places to stay in September. Okay, I'll admit it, these 'students' are Simon (my brother) and me. And yes, we need some apartment hunting help due to the fact that there is an ocean seperating us from yonder city.
Here are the requirements:

1. Something cheap! We are 'starving artists'.
2. Has to double as an art studio (non-carpeted floors, natural light)
3. Walking distance to Emily Carr ('walking distance' in the de Bree family does mean more than just 10 minutes)
4. Something older and with character would be a plus. We like hardwood floors and basin sinks too.

If anyone has any leads please let me know. (josina(at) We would really really appreciate the help, otherwise we might have to commandeer someone's living room floor for a few days/weeks/months (just kidding).


RW said...

Hey J. We were just talking about you today. Unfortunately, I have no leads...who will be going to Emily Carr?

The Pleasant Peasant said...

My brother is going in to his second year at Emily Carr (along with Aaron and Abby!)

Owen's Mama said...

Must come with pool boy, cook, and maid. Hmmm... I'll keep my eyes open for you.