Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Saint Herman's Day!!

Yes, that is today!

At 7 pm we will have Great Vespers with a litya. Bring some juice and cookies along so we can be a bit festive at this feast of the glorification of our patron Saint.

We have a second parish patronal day, the feast of Saint Herman's repose on Dec. 13th. At that time, we will do an akathist to Saint Herman.

Some of you may have heard from Fr. Lawrence about Fr. Michael Oleksa, the guest speaker at the recent Archdiocesan clergy synaxis. Fr. Michael told a great many interesting things about his own experiences with Alaskan culture, as well as about the history of the Orthodox church and saints in Alaska. During one of his talks he was mentioning that Saint Herman is best known among the native Alaskans as an advocate and defender, as well as a wonderworker (mostly after his death-- only two miracles are attested in his lifetime.) Yet his akathist mostly speaks only of his exemplary monastic life.

During this talk, our Bishop Seraphim came over to Fr. Lawrence and asked if he would prepare a revised version of the akathist. As it happens, Fr. Lawrence was at that moment making notes on Fr. Michael's talk with that very intent. This akathist is now complete, but will not be published and go into public use until Bishop Seraphim is able to review and approve the final form. The new service incorporates phrases taken directly from the Life of St. Herman and other primary documents, such as letters written by those who knew the saint personally. Footnotes at the end of the service booklet will provide the textual references. (I believe Vladika asked Fr. Lawrence to do this task because previously Fr. Lawrence had done similar work regarding St. Arseny, in that case I think on the stichs for the vigil service.)

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elizabeth said...

happy feast day! congratulations! there is a lovely icon of St. Herman in my Ottawa church that I have found very meaningful; there is a lovely smally icon of him in my church here in London and when ever i can i put a flower on his icon... i love st. Herman...

many years to my first church!