Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mat. Sarah's baby shower

Hey ladies,

I'm hosting a baby shower for Mat. Sarah on Friday July 28th, 6:00 pm. Address is in the directory.

This 'll be her last chance to party before baby # 3 comes along! Consequently, I decided have a no toddler/baby rule for that night, but if you're really stuck for babysitting, it's ok to bring them along.

Please rsvp a comment here on the blog or email me at



Owen's Mama said...

Hi Judy. I'll have to miss Mat. Sarah's baby shower as I will be in Kelowna that night. Sorry.

- Amy

RW said...

We are in the Okanagan right now. We are returning Wednesday - will call you then.

Simply Victoria said...

shoot, just realized Fr.John and Jenny may be stopping in that evening on their way back home.
...will let you know about the shower

Abigail Maria Fernandes said...

kzI wish I could come! Matushka Sarah will just have to party a little extra on my behalf. I hope she's doing good, and you too, Judy. I love you both, See you sooon!