Saturday, July 08, 2006

back in the saddle....

It's been a week of catchup in the parish for Fr. Lawrence.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the good wishes on our June vacation and the warm welcome back. It was a bit of a working vacation on the weekends-- Father was asked to preach at the monastery at Gibsons, and he had some dean-type things to do at the island parishes-- but it was nice to visit with folks in all three locations, as well as at St. Innocent's. Fr. Alexis and Elizabeth kindly put us up for a bit, and we got to see how the chapel is coming along-- check it out on their website.

Weekdays, we relaxed and did some touristy things around the Sunshine Coast and east Vancouver Island. Perhaps my favorite was this.

Special thanks are due to Fr. Justin for holding the fort. He has been working triple duty for the last month, doing services for both St. Herman's and St. John of Shanghai, as well as working through the busiest time of the year in his teaching job. Please pray for him and his family this Sunday as they leave direct from camp to drive to Calgary.

Both our priests will be in Calgary next week for the Archdiocesan Clergy Synaxis; therefore there will be no service in Langley on Wednesday and none in Vancouver on Thursday.

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The Pleasant Peasant said...

What!?! I live in Duncan and I didnt know we had a bird centre...thing.