Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"I suggest converts (though this work is by no means limited to them) when I speak of Florovsky’s vision, because we too often waste our time becoming more Orthodox than our bishops, more Russian than the Tsar (to use one example), or just surrounded with the oddities of Orthodoxy. This doesn’t save our souls or anything else of use. I do not mean to generalize - most converts probably don’t fit this mold - but I know it’s a temptation. Mostly, it is easy as a convert to simply think of Orthodoxy as this great, unspoiled repository of the faith that we may now swim in and leave behind our trouble Western pasts. That is nonsense. It’s not an accurate view of Orthodox history or self-understanding, but a caricature. There is a vast repository, accessible by prayer, worship and study - a repository that is largely missing in the West. But accessing that repository is for the sake of salvation, both of ourselves and the world, and must be engaged, sometimes even in a critical fashion, in order to bring it into the present world and to engage the whole of who we are. That, too, is part of Florovsky’s vision."

these are just some parts of a fascinating article by Fr. Stephen Freeman over at pontifications, (if you're interested)
btw: I looked for Florovsky on Amazon. Sadly for us, his works are largely out of print now, and the used ones are going for as much as $1500!!!


elizabeth said...

thanks for this! once i am done w. my LIS paper writing (count down less than 2 weeks!) i should sit down and read all of this article; it looks like a very very good thing to read...

cathedral dweller said...


Florovsky for $1500?! I don't think he would be too pleased about that.

It is a shame that Florovsky is largely out of print because, from what I understand, he had tremendous theological accumen. Many regard him as one of the greatest Orthodox theologians of the 20th century ... and was not even formally trained in theology.

May God bring his books back into print.

kimberley said...

I didn't read the link yet, but i like what i've read of George Florovsky.

I've just come from spending a few good hours walking and talking with a sibling in Christ, of one of the western traditions. My heart is encouraged when he tells me about his church that participates with the other churches that are doing what they can to give the homeless folks some safety and shade, a shower and something to eat. He said a few times that it's so easy to do the tiny bit he does.

God's saints truly are all around us, and while we are blessed to have some strong, patient, wise priests and faithful, there truly are many in the western traditions that we could also take a note from. In the last couple of weeks alone, I've seen some sweet ones manifesting God's mercy so faithfully, in their YWAM T shirts, salvation army pancake breakfast aprons, whatever..

They may never know this side of glory the stories of St. John Chrysostom or St. Mary of Egypt, but I have a feeling some of them might be seated one day at the same table with these Godly ones.

I'm challenged in a good way.

Simply Victoria said...

ps: the article is by Florovsky, but the comments are very good stuff too (mostly Fr.S.Freeman's though)

Matthew Francis said...

Very well said, Kim.


Mike said...

I have the complete collected works(10 volumes) of Florovsky. Perhaps I can lend it to you through Mathew if you want.
For only ...
Just Joking

Apparently his family did not want him to continue being published. My dad aquired them in a bargain bin at a protestant bookstore after attending a lecture he did at St Vlads

Simply Victoria said...

hey mike, that would be amazing!
one book at a time?
I can't believe they were in a discount bin! unreal. one mans junk, so they say.