Sunday, July 23, 2006

Camping in paradisum

I have booked a campsite at the Pender Harbour Resort ( ) for August 18 and 19 while I attend the Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival. I'm just letting you all know in case someone(s) wanted to go camping that weekend and also perhaps attend the festival. (You don't have to attend all 5 concerts. One of them is free.) I thought if people did want to come, they may then take a trip to the monastery Sunday morning. Pender Harbour is roughly 1 hour from the ferry.

The campsite includes access to showers and BBQ (this is good because I don't know if I can light a campfire if I was put to it--but I can sure barbeque!). The cost is $25 per night. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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kimberley said...

Hey Graham,

A couple of cool cats from Victoria
(Mira of Banana and Mustard Fame and Matthew of Theoloblog) spend some time on Pender, doing some work for their painting company. Both have an interest in Music...Matthew is an accomplished pianist...

I'll pass on your note to them. If they happen to be right there, they might really appreciate it!