Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the painful tooth

Can anyone recommend a good dentist (or faith healer)?
Ideally one who'll do the work in exchange for my charming company.
ha ha ha ow
I've got a nasty toothache and treachery lurks in every mouthful.
Certainly I've met some dubious dentists in my day.
My dentist in Quebec was named Dr. Herten-Greaven. Like Hurtin' Grievin'. Get it? But that was actually his name.
But he was one of the good ones. Who's to say?
Tomorrow I cast my oral (and financial) welfare on the arbitrary whims of the yellow pages.


tech-chick said...

Dr. Meredith Moores
215 - 3540 W 41st Ave (close to Dunbar & 41st.

She's probably too far from you, but at least it's a name. She's super gentle. Josh loves her.


hunchback scholar said...

If Josh can handle her I'm sure I can endure. I'm actually planning on being in Van for Thursday Liturgy, so maybe she can squeeze me in . . .
Thanks for the tip.

RW said...

UBC School of Dentistry .... they are easy on the pocketbook... mind you they are students of the trade.

hunchback scholar said...


Simply Victoria said...

Dr. Aldo Venier in Abbotsford
he's our family dentist.
he's excellent and reasonable.