Tuesday, May 16, 2006

end of school party

Hi Everyone!

So, we are planning an end of school day hike and BBQ for the end of june for the saplings, so go on over to the youth blog and check it out, we are looking for people to host a BBQ after hiking in chilliwack (secret location to be announced later in the month)(its planned, its just a secret) its going to be very cool. we figured we might as well have a serious party for all the young folks because the end of school is such a party worthy event.

So. start planning to have your young folks out in the bush at the end of june for some sweet adventuring.



Simply Victoria said...

you can certainly bbq here.
not sure where else you might in chilliwack.
we've got a bbq, a lawn, a trampoline. heck, we may even set up the pool.
(Lindeman is a good hike, moderate, but do-able. Teapot might be too easy and short, Elk is beautiful but I think too hard at this age.)

(ps: can you link the youth blog here? I'm lazy and I hate searching for it.)

RW said...

sounds very cool.

Magdalen said...

Should be a good time. Thanks for the offer, Vic. Hmm, pool. That could be fun. Though, considering the general tradition of me being the target for our kids, I'm not sure I'd want to get into a pool with any of them... (still remembering the hay attack, and the gummy-candy attack, and the ice-shaving attack...) Too many possibilties in a pool..

Gabe said...

Um Dave, just wondering if you planning around the G12 trip? Also I would like to join this hiking thing if nobody has any objections.

pasivirta said...

of course...of course...always thinking ahead we are.