Saturday, May 27, 2006

the best-laid plans

Well, it would seem that the enemy has decided he doesn't like us, and so far has managed to thwart every attempt at planning our next get together. A gazillion and one problems are cropping up all over the place in coordinating our next outing, including (but not limited to) considerations of youth leaders' schedules, Group of Twelve, the Apostles fast and when exactly school gets out. (Can one of the parents please confirm for me when that is?)

So, just to let you know, we are working on coordinating an event for the youth, don't worry, we haven't disappeared. Please, please pray for us as an entity, and for Maria, Dave and myself as the leaders.

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Simply Victoria said...

june 29th is the last day of school (for elementary, which most of our kids are... gr.5's 6's)
that's a thursday, so Friday, June 30th would be perfect.

RW said...

Friday June 30th would be perfect - I agree..

Magdalen said...

It's a possibility. Friday does pose some very tricky problems for Maria though, with her work situation. I think there's also at least one other conflict for that day. You see the rut we're in... sigh. We're working on it. Thanks for the info!

Simply Victoria said...

but then the next weekend is camp, and the opportunity for a year end party/hike is gone.
if you need extra volunteers for the hike, I'd be happy to accompany y'all, as would a good many others at church I'd imagine.