Sunday, May 07, 2006

Et in Arcadia Ego

Gabriel visited us today at church, that was very cool! thanks for comin out! it was fun to meet another internet acquaintance in person, we had some good chats about church and some mutual friends, and school etc.
In any case, what that means is, any others of you who only know us via spruce Island, are always welcome to come and meet us in person.

Good to meet you Gabriel. (whose real name you will have to find out in person)

In other news, half the parish stayed home today, and there was one lonely little plate of tomatoes on the table today. I guess now that lent is over, vegetables aren't allowed? oh well.

And, in other, more important news, apparently there is a coffee shop for sale in Walnut Grove? Ramona is curious as to who is interested in being involved with this. I am interested, we should have a meeting perhaps of people who are interested? a show of electronic hands perhaps? or perhaps Ramona could explain what she is thinking a little further.

Yes, Phil has books we can sell, and yes, there should be enough bodies to staff such a place, as long as we are not looking to get paid much if at all, especially near the beginning. but, if we can sell food too, we can make money there, and the books will just adorn the walls and look nice. who knows, perhaps they will sell too.

what thinkest thou?


Magdalen said...

Well, the ad was in a newspaper here, I'll see if I can track it down again. It has a pretty gas-fireplace! And I think it comes furnished, too. Maybe. Gotta figure out where I saw that ad...

Magdalen said...

Yup, it comes furnished and equipped, has an outdoor sitting area and fireplace. I sent the contact information to Ramona. And hey, what's "ultra-modern furniture"?

RW said...

Cool. I will send the contact an email requesting information.

Really guys.. I don't even know what I am asking... but just that it seems like something we should look into.

Has to be more than coffee as there is the Starbucks and the new Wired Monk already in WG, plus others. There are three coffee places in Fort Langley. Maybe books, food and open space - what about icons, prayer ropes, incense, candles... pottery...

We would not make much money if any at the start... sort of volunteer labour - like a cooperative....

We can't finance the whole thing... we would have to find others...

I think the most prudent thing to do is pray... and I will get the details and then we can all meet at my house to brainstorm.

Gabriel - I am sorry I missed you.
Do come again.

pasivirta said...

I am in.

The Pleasant Peasant said...

pasivirta, half the parish didnt stay home - they went to vancouver for St Nina's first liturgy! It was great and we feasted well.

pasivirta said...

ah yes. I saw pictures on a flickr site. guiness milkshakes all around eh?

Magdalen said...

I don't know what, if anything, I can contribute. But I definitely would like to be involved somehow. Perhaps we could sell some of Seraphim's art as well, if he's amenable?
Let us know what Kim Kennedy says, Ramona.

RW said...

OK. Here is what I know so far:

It the City Blends in the little strip mall by the RBC and the Shell station on 88th and 202nd.

The current owner bought the place privately. They know have to move out of province so they are selling.

Not so much financial statement information available which causes me some concern.

Probably worth talking about even from a theoretical point - to establish interest and desire to do something extra-ordinary.

I have a zillion ( or so it seems ) of things on my plate... when do we talk?

Fr. Justin - I am having some challenges with my PC - I will definately have those numbers for you by parish council meeting.