Monday, September 06, 2010

Women's Night - Sit 'n' Stich

There has been talk about starting up monthly women's nights, now that the summer is over and most people are back from their holidays. Because we are already hosting youth group in September, I would like to offer to host a women's night Chez Hall on Friday October 29th. We can make parking and car-pooling arrangements since our area isn't particularly favorable when it comes to parking!

Also, I was thinking of canvasing the community to see if anyone was likewise interested in putting together a regular Sit 'n' Stich. Imagine if you will, a cozy room with comfy chairs, fire roaring in the corner, steaming cups of tea and coffee and hot chocolate grouped on a coffee table, and mountains of yarn and fabric creations gracing the laps of a small collection of individuals who have gathere for a common interest: creating with their hands something not only functional, but beautiful! This kind of get-together would provide a neat opportunity for getting to know people with whom we might not otherwise socialize. Since there are a LOT of knitters and crocheters and quilters and other crafty gals in our ever growing community, this would be a great excuse to get together semi-regularly... not to mention get those projects done!!

For those who don't have specific projects in mind, there is also the possibility of gathering a collection of hand-made scarves, hats and mitts to contribute to the Diakonia, and keep warm the bodies of those who will suffer in the cold and wet this coming winter.


Victoria said...

I like this idea very much.
the men are much more diligent about getting together than we women are, eh?
this needs to be remedied. good on you for taking the bull by the horns.

Donna Farley said...

Thanks, Macrina. Victoria and Tiffany and I were talking about doing this, and were going to have a first get-together in September, but it turned out to be too busy this month.

Donna Farley said...

Also there is the retreat the first Saturday of December at Theresia's, so we should think about whether we want to have something in November-- if so, maybe it should be mid-month.

myn said...

i LOVE this idea. i've often wanted to have "women's breakfasts" but it never seems to happen. count me in.

Donna Farley said...

I've put this event on Facebook via the St. Herman group. So far there we have only a couple of 'maybes'.