Sunday, September 12, 2010

Christie's Goodbye Party!!!!

Hey everyone!

Don't forget that Christie's goodbye party is THIS FRIDAY at the Gascoigne residence. That's 9642 139th St in Surrey. She's away to Winnipeg indefinitely at the end of this month a deserves a proper send -off: so y'all turn up ok?

The festivities begin at 4-ish. I will provide calories in the form of flourless cake (Christie is gluten intolerant) and a few other snacks and drinks, but we'll appreciate any other contributions to the table.

Also, don't forget this is a FORMAL occasion-- which means it will be MUCH more fun if people turn up dressed the nines for a cocktail party. We won't turn anyone away for being underdressed of course, but we may have other "decorations" to utilize if your attire appears to need it. Trust me, it'll be terrific fun.

Looking forward to a stellar night. Contact Rhiannon if you have any questions about what you can bring!



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