Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Marriage Encounter

Dear brothers and sisters,

On Sunday September 26th a couple from Marriage Encounter will be visiting St. Herman’s to give us a presentation during coffee hour, regarding Marriage Encounter Weekends.

Marriage Encounter offers Christian married couples a unique tool to help grow communication in their marriages, in a private setting, during Marriage Encounter’s planned retreat weekends.

Marriage Encounter is a program which was founded by the Roman Catholic Church, however, it has been adapted and used by Orthodox and Protestant Denominations as well.  The closest Orthodox Marriage Encounter is in California, thus this Marriage Encounter will be presented by the Roman Catholic Church.  As the message in any Christian Marriage Encounter is the same as the Orthodox Marriage Encounter, namely growing communication and love in marriages, while recognizing Christ as the focal point in the Christian marriage, the upcoming Catholic Marriage Encounter will undoubtedly be useful to the married couples in our community.

I deeply encourage all of the married couples in our community to attend a marriage encounter weekend, as Marriage Encounter is a program designed for GOOD Marriages, to help good marriages grow stronger by encouraging communication and mutual love in Christ.

Please plan on hearing the upcoming presentation on Sunday September 26th. If you wish to look into Marriage Encounter in advance, their website is

Your servant in Christ,

Dn. Gregory

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