Saturday, July 24, 2010

...We see you

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear brothers and sisters;
One of our friends from Camp, Macrina, who was the music director and is an amazing woman of faith, had to leave camp early as her husband Christopher fell and broke his leg. They could not afford insurance for him, and he has been the only breadwinner for over a decade.
I have corresponded with Macrina and, full of faith, they are not worried and trust in God's provision. Still, I am interested in organizing a small donation for her family. I will ask Camp staff if they would put in $5-10; a small amount as many of us are not well off ourselves. But a token of love that can go with our prayers.
I will collect the money and send it with a card from all who care to give.

Anyone interested, please look for me at St Herman's either tonight at Vespers, or tomorrow at Liturgy (I plan to visit).
If anyone cares to give more, I can help with this.
Another great way to support them is to buy their products! They run Anaphora Press.

-Mark Basil

(email me at: manorthey at gmail dot com )

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