Friday, July 02, 2010


It's great to be back!  

Thank you St John's & St. Nina's for hosting the Canada Day BBQ. It was a wonderful time despite gloomy skies, and it is great to see how things are developing at the house. Also best wishes on your patronal feast tomorrow Sat. July 3rd. (Fr. Lawrence will be serving with Fr. Justin at their 9 AM liturgy, I'm sure they will be delighted to have anyone else from St. Herman's join them too)

The new calendar & bulletin for July will be available at church this weekend. Not only do we have Camp and the Assembly this month, there are some other VERY IMPORTANT EVENTS. I want to give you advance notice here of two of the biggest; you can also find all the July items on the updated Google online calendar in the sidebar.

Saturday July 17th 6:30 PM-- Bishop Irenee joins us for Great Vespers and a social time afterward. Please be there if you can (unavoidably, of course, this is also during Camp Week!) Bishop Irenee is interviewed at this website.

Sunday July 18th after liturgy-- we bid a fond farewell to Fr. John and Mat. Anna Bingham Again it's still camp week-- but this was the best date we could find for this send-off for the Binghams as they prepare to head off for Saskatchewan.

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