Friday, July 09, 2010


****UPDATE-- change of date for Binghams' farewell

Dear All:
    Having spoken with Matushka Bingham (by email), it seems that the best date for the official farewell is *Sun. Aug. 22*, since Fr. John will still be here until that date.  That will perhaps work better than July 18, since it would seem odd to say goodbye and then to have them linger for a month.  Sorry for the confusion; when the date was first set, Fr. John and Matushka were not able to guarantee their presence here much past the beginning of August.   --as ever,   Fr. Lawrence

Saturday July 17th 6:30 PM-- Bishop Irenee joins us for Great Vespers and a social time afterward. Please be there if you can (unavoidably, of course, this is also during Camp Week!) Bishop Irenee is interviewed at this website.

SUNDAY AUG 22-- we bid a fond farewell to Fr. John and Mat. Anna Bingham

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