Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gavin's Icons

Gavin Campbell is a longtime member of St. Herman's who has been studying under master iconographer Heather McKean.  Gavin says, "My learning experience has been a lesson in meekness.  When your teacher tells you your work isn't any good, you have to turn the other cheek."

Gavin's training continues, but recently Heather approved the icons pictured here as finished.

The first two icons are now privately owned, by Andrew F and by Ryan & Lora-Lynne H. 


These others are available for purchase as follows:

Spas3 - 12" x 18" approx.;- $500

WOHands - 6" x 7" approx.;-  $300

Kazan - 6" x 7" approx.;- $250

Please contact Gavin if you are interested.

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