Monday, June 18, 2007

The Goads' Reply to the fiveyearoldswithsticks

Recently there was a ridiculous post on this blog, by a 'pretender' to the real man's game of hockey...

This is our reply...

(posted by Dn. Kurt, in Victoria's name)


Peter T Chattaway said...

Fantastic! Almost makes me wish I cared about sports. :)

James said...

It's amazing how the special skills of so many of your players have to do with flatulence....

Bro Cyp said...

Oooh! They talk so tough, but those Islanders will never see the shoeing coming!

Anonymous said...

The bigger they are...the harder they fall.

Alexis said...

Ahhh, poor unsuspecting Mainlanders - do you not know the sayings of the past? "All islanders are crazy" and "The smaller the island, the crazier the people" and "Beware of Islanders carrying sticks" Oh, and there are many, many more. And, remember, these sayings are not frivolous little sayings based on bravado - no, indeed, they are based on the experience of the past, experiences far too eerie and terrifying to list at this time. And besides all this, the Nikkel bros. are coming! Trouble in every footstep, in every hot breath, in every swing of the shilaleigh (I mean, hockey stick.) Dark, angry Teutonic blood mixed with a dash of Romanian gypsy, a shot or two of Scotch (genetic and bottled variety)and just a drop of Russian stoicism. Not a force to be reckoned with lightly.
A final word to all the Mainlanders: before you board the ferry next week ensure that your affairs are in order. Contact your lawyer to write or update your will and drop on your knees beside your priest and unburden your soul.

Looking forward to a FUN time.


Fr John said...

Well. Well. Well. The Goads have a video camera, and apples too.... ooooh, apples.

At least we know now that you can make apple sauce, perhaps you will want it with the fresh humble pie we serve you, along with the milk your mommy will send with you.

It was good to see your post, Fr Alexis, and it is good to know that you will be our (I mean, the) referee.

And Brother Cyprian, remember that you are an Islander too. Before monasticism, before Chrismation, before the catechumenate, all those long years ago, you would enjoy the sweet coffee served by Jenny in our living room. You were an Islander then, and I think, despite your protests, you still are.

See you on the arena, Goads!

RW said...

is it just me or does the REF sound a little biased?

Bro Cyp said...

"All islanders are crazy" and "The smaller the island, the crazier the people" and "Beware of Islanders carrying sticks"

Hmmm... Fr Alexis, I believe they make medication for these ailments now. There have been MANY improvements in psychiatric medications lately. Perhaps the island team should look into it?

And yes, I lived on the island. Originally because it was the Queen's idea, but I grew to like it.

I probably should invoke monastic neutrality soon!

Alexis said...

Of course all Islanders are on meds! We need sedatives to keep us calm.

However, the Island team will be off their meds for three or four days leading up to the big game. Gives them that little extra
"edge", as it were.

And tell me truthfully, Bro Cyp, are you really declaring neutrality because of your monastic asceticism? or do I detect the sounds of clucking (the language of chickens.)

Oh, and by the way, you have heard of Aussie-Rules Football, haven't you? Well, V.I.-Rules Ball Hockey makes the Aussie game look like tiddley-winks.

Okay, enough 'trash-talk'. I must get ready for Vespers and put on at least a facade of sanctity.

Blessings y'all.


Bro Cyp said...

Well, Fr Al, I'm not going to comment on your facade (or lack thereof). I'll just point out that you brought it up. :)

The only clucking you heard must have been from the fearful voices in your own head. (Seriously, go back on the meds! Please! You know you feel better when you do)

The monastic neutrality has yet to be invoked; but since I am a monk, I am supposed to have abandoned wordly concerns like family, nationality, sports rivalres, etc. I'm just not that sanctified yet. :)

Teacher Quinn said...

I suppose my only question is... where is Deacon Kurt in the roster? I don't recall seeing him listed there?

And they don't really look all that scary... really... Esp since I cannot believe Dan weighs more than 200lbs. Are you sure all the facts are accurate? 310 slapshots? Is this including practice games?

Sorry guys - I should be supporting you. But since I'm from Ontario, my opinion doesn't count! GO TEAM GO!!! Whoever the team be!

Fr. Alexis said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the best team of all?

Who did you say?

The V.I. Saints, eh?

Yeah, I sorta thought so....