Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fr. Lawrence Concelebrates the Archbishop's Anniversary

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We were blessed to have Fr. Lawrence here with us at St. Herman's in Edmonton for our beloved Archbishop SERAPHIM's 20th Anniversary celebration of his Consecration to the Episcopate.

On Saturday morning, a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was served by Vladika SERAPHIM, His Grace Bishop BENJAMIN of San Francisco, and His Grace Bishop IOV of the Moscow Patriarchal Parishes in Canada. The Bishops served together with 16 priests and three deacons!

The whole weekend was a joyous reminder of our Archbishop's work for the Lord.

Fr. Lawrence having a visit with Presbytera Jaime Rene and little John Rene.


Jaime said...

It really was a very nice event!

elizabeth said...

lovely; Fr. L comes here to ottawa this summer right?? :)

biss said...

And just so you all know, that's Ottawa's Fr. John that you can see in between Fr. Lawrence and Presbytera Jaime.

Gabe said...

I was just off camera.