Sunday, August 08, 2010

Christopher update, and thanks

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear brothers and sisters;
Macrina Lewis has passed on her deepest gratitude to all of you at St Herman's, for the card and generousity her family received.
Her husband Christopher is done with his three (!) surgeries on his leg and is mending- he's nearing the end of a very fragile 10-day resting time following the final surgery.

From one of Macrina's emails:
"...But I did get loud and clear that this was a VERY complex break, with bits and pieces 2.5" away from where they should have been. And [the doctor's] impression on opening it all up was that he's rarely seen an injury like that. The upshot of his brief report was that the knee is now "mechanically sound" and that his part went smoothly. He also reiterated that it will be 12 weeks of non-weight-bearing, with some exercising of the knee after about 3-4 weeks."

Please keep them in your prayers, and thanks for your love.

-Mark Basil
(PS given it's after sunset... Blessed Feast Day to you all!)

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