Monday, August 02, 2010

AUGUST EVENTS at St. Herman's

Apologies for not having the bulletin printed in time for Sunday. What with the assembly (and having to wait for Fr. Lawrence's report to go in the bulletin), the bulletin was completed but not printed. It will be available at Wednesday vespers. Meanwhile, here is a reminder that the next special event is the Vesperal Liturgy on the Eve of Transfiguration  7 pm this Thursday Aug 5th. FISH permitted at the meal afterward. Here are the upcoming August special events & fasting rules:   

Thurs. August 5  7 pm.  Eve of Transfiguration
                         Vesperal Liturgy,  Blessing of Grapes
                           Fish allowed at meal after

Sun. August 15    Dormition Liturgy w Blessing of Flowers

Sun. August 22    Bingham Farewell after Liturgy                             

Fasting this month

Dormition fast runs August 1– August 14.
 NO meat, fish, dairy or eggs except that
fish is permitted for:

Aug. 6th   Transfiguration
Aug. 9th   St. Herman
Aug 13th   St. Tikhon
No fast on Dormition Sunday Aug. 15th, after which 
regular Wed/Fri fasting applies again.

**Special note on Feast of Beheading of John the Baptist:
Sunday August 29th Like Holy Cross Day, this feast is also a strictly Lenten fast. As it falls on a Sunday, please remember to bring NO meat, fish, dairy or eggs to the post-liturgy meal that Sunday.
Finally, a big thank-you to the Lerches for hosting another wonderful BBQ. Rumour has it that next year we may hold vespers right there on the mountain!
See you at church, and may your fast be blessed.

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