Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time-Sensitive local items for St. Hermanites

Attention, Saint Hermanites --

Just re-posting three time-sensitive local items that have unfortunately been bumped down:

First, Fr. Lawrence is speaking tonight at the UBC Holy Cross Chaplaincy. 7 PM at St. Mark's Chapel UBC

The chaplaincy folk would love to have our support tonight and on the other scheduled occasions when local clergy will be speaking there. You can get the full schedule and information from Fr. Justin's post and the Holy Cross site.

Second, a reminder that there is a Festal Liturgy early at 9 AM this Sat. Nov. 21 for the Entrance of the Theotokos to the Temple.

Third, as our plea for moving help was only up briefly and everyone may not have seen it, the Gascoignes and Farleys will both be moving not this weekend but the next, Friday Nov. 27- Saturday Nov. 28. With a double move, any help you can give us at any point of this process would be very much appreciated. Details in the moving post here.

Thank you!

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