Monday, November 16, 2009

Double Move-- we need help!

Dear Sprucies,

most of you will have heard about our upcoming move Friday November 27th-Sat. November 28th.

Because we are moving not one but TWO households in the 23 hour period Friday 5 pm to Sat. 4 pm, (yes, we are now wondering if we are all crazy!) we really need some extra hands!

The van will load at the Gascoigne caravan by the church late Friday afternoon, and unload in the Farleys' current garage and kitchen as soon as can be managed.

Reloading of the van with Farleys' household effects will begin Friday evening if at all possible, continue early Saturday morning, and be complete (God willing!) by noon, when we get the key to our new condo just a mile from what will then become our former residence and the new Gascoigne residence. We need to complete all the unloading and exchange the washer/dryer sets with the Gascoignes by 3pm Saturday so Greg can return the rental truck. WHEW!

I am especially concerned that we get a bit of muscle on Saturday to keep Fr. Lawrence from doing something to injure himself moving furniture. I hear he will be blessing the people doing this hard labour to have some meatless pizza and beer when the day is over....but if anyone participating prefers to keep the fast more strictly, we will order some sushi as well.

There -will- be vespers on Saturday the 28th, thanks to Fr. John Bingham's kindly serving. Choir might be a little thin, though, so if you attend, please be understanding! :-)

If you can help at any phase of this operation, please do call Fr. Lawrence on the church phone, or e-mail matdonna at shaw dot ca Any kind of help at all will be much appreciated by our two families!


elizabeth said...

I know how stressful moving is! I will be in Ottawa praying!

Little Macrina said...

We should be able to help you out Friday night and I believe Peter can be there on Saturday for some, most, all (??) of the day.