Sunday, November 08, 2009

Missionary Speaker James Hargrave to Speak next Sunday November 15th

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center is sending out missionary speakers to raise awareness, and one of these is Mr. James Hargrave, missionary to Tanzania.

He will be at St. Herman's next Sunday, November 15th, and will be talking to us about Orthodox Mission at lunch hour after liturgy.*

But if you can't be there, Mr. Hargrave will also be speaking at the Holy Cross Chaplaincy at UBC Fri. Nov. 13, 7 pm. Details at the Chaplaincy website.

And there is one other chance to hear him-- after Vespers Sat. Nov. 14th at St. John's in Vancouver.

* don't forget, next Sunday is the first day of Advent. Fish is allowed, but please no meat, eggs or cheese at the post-liturgy lunch at church.

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Ostensive Lyme said...

Christ is in our midst!

Hello all--
Even if you will be there Sunday, if you find it in your heart (and schedule) to make the trip into the big city Friday night for the Chaplaincy talk that would be a blessing for us.

I know of at least a few non-Orthodox coming to hear James speak and really our Chaplaincy is heavily dwindling in numbers (pray for us!)
Having a handful faithful Orthodox there to converse with any visitors would really add to the success of the evening.

Asking your prayers;
-Mark Basil