Friday, November 07, 2008

Hop the Virtual Ferry to Neighboring Islands in the Blogosphere

To facilitate discussion, information-sharing and neighborliness
here at Spruce Island, I have added a new blog feed to the sidebar. There you will see constantly updated info about new posts appearing on the blogs of several Spruce Islanders.

To get to our Virtual Ferry Dock and visit these blogs, scroll down below the picture of the bells in the sidebar to the right of these posts to the section titled "Blogs by Spruce Islanders"

If you want your blog included in this feed, please let me know. Any Spruce Islander with a blog is welcome to be added, but unless you let me know, I will assume you prefer not to have a link to your personal blog-island here. So far I've only added ones that I know are meant to be generally public or where the owners have posted links from Spruce Island recently.

Happy sailing!

update: Members currently in the blogroll

Peter Chattaway
Jenny H
Victoria J
Rhiannon G
David P
Fr. Lawrence (this is just a writing newsblog from Fr.'s website)

Note that the most recently updated blogs will come up to the top of the list automatically. Could be incentive to blog regularly!

Update again:

Elizabeth R's blog added.

I have also moved the Saplings blog and Sprucies in the Kitchen blog to this blogroll.


Simply Victoria said...

cool! could you add mine to the list? thanks! what a great idea.

matushkadonna said...

Added now!

elizabeth said...

I think I would like to be added too. Thanks Mat. Donna! :)

elizabeth said...