Monday, November 10, 2008


Please keep all of the council delegates in your prayers as they travel to and from Pittsburgh, and during their deliberations. As you know, there are serious matters to deal with, including the election of a new Metropolitan.

Our members at the council:

  • Clergy delegate: Fr. Lawrence
  • Lay delegate: Andrea F.
  • Observer: Dn. Kurt
  • Observer: Vivian H.

Prayer to St Herman of Alaska

By Matushka Juliana Schmemann

St Herman, please protect our Church:
restore the peace, the purity, the love for the Lord, and for each other,
that is shadowed now, and is tempting our people.
You, great Saint, who planted firmly in America the Cross of Christ:
come back to us, and see to it that we have not shaken that Cross,
which you firmly planted.
Make it firm again; give us the truth, the light, and the trust, which is shaken.

Please, great Saint, intercede for us.
We are weak, and guilty.
We need the Lord to help us up, and forgive us;
and we must become truly humble,
but DARING, and courageous,
fully admit our wrongs, and repent.

Daily Podcasts from the All-American Council will appear on Ancient Faith Radio this week.
and LINKS to agenda & other important items


RW said...

Thanks M. Donna for this -

matushkadonna said...

you are welcome...I also have now added a link to the OCA's page of links to agenda, reports & other official stuff.

elizabeth said...

yes, we need to pray! Lord have mercy...

matushkadonna said...

I am listening to the vespers right now! how cool is that? I am actually not even sure Fr. Lawrence was expecting to make it there in time for the vespers!

RW said...

very cool!
I took a listen in.