Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Great Book Giveaway!

BIG THINGS are happening with the St. Herman's parish library & book store!

STEP ONE: The library will be closed till the new year (the book store will remain open). To make way for new books, older ones that are seeing little use will be available BY DONATION to members after church for the next few weeks.
Proceeds to camp & future library needs.

STEP TWO: The library will be inventoried & catalogued. Parish members can donate books to the library permanently, or on a kind of long-term loan basis-- your name can remain in the book and it will be returned to you if you choose to take it back. All donations will be vetted by Fr. Lawrence. New books will also be purchased. Speak to Andrea F or Vivian H about this.

STEP THREE: When the library reopens, the signout register will have alphabetical sections of family names. Loan period will be one month, shorter for high-demand books. There will be 'display' copies (can't borrow them yet) of books available in the bookstore for purchase. There will be email or phone reminders about due books.

STEP FOUR: We are beginning a BOOK REVIEW BLOG for books that will be available in our library and bookstore. If you want to review a book you have read, please e-mail matdonna {at} shaw dot ca with the title you want to review. The blog will go live around the time the library reopens. If we do well with the book review blog, we may in future get review copies of newly published books from authors and editors.

More about the bookstore and library to come in the future-- keep watching this space!


Simply Victoria said...

wow! how very ambitious and organized! excellent!

matushkadonna said...

So what book would you like to review, Hmmm? :-)

I know we have lots of people who would like to write in this parish. Book reviews are an excellent way to get started!

Teacher Quinn said...

I would like to write a review maybe if I could remember how??? It would actually force me to pay attention and retain some of the information enough to provide some sort of general analysis and comment thereon.

matushkadonna said...

Good, Meike. Al McGee let me twist his arm today too, so that's a start....the more reviewers we get to take part, the better, so let me know people, even if you can only do one review.

We are also placing the library under the patronage of the Three Holy Hierarchs as they are patrons of learning. The old "Kenosis" name doesn't seem to apply so much any more. I have started a draft blog but it will not go live till we have some content and are ready to reopen the library. Meanwhile I hope you all found some cool books at the giveaway today and provided a wee donation...