Monday, May 26, 2008

Come on GOADS, face your nightmare!

Dear Goads:

Please answer this skill testing question below:

We will not face The Island Saints on Monday June 30th because:

a) we lack the humility to lose again;
b) we were all tuckered out by playing on a real rink last year;
c) we don't like pancake breakfasts;
d) we have gotten used to bad coffee;
e) we are apathetic about important things;
f) all of the above;

Yours with sticks,

The Island Saints



matushkadonna said...

see, this is the kind of thing that needs to go in the newsletter!

come on Guys, answer this challenge and get me the time & place so I can get it into print....!

elizabeth said...

this makes me happy. i expect updates on this one! :)

Simply Victoria said...


g) other team does not have a great name like 'the goads'!!

Bro Cyp said...

How about:

"Couldn't be bothered to play against a pathetic team that lacks the imagination to come up with a good name."

myn said...

monday the 30th!!?? what about us shmoes who have to work - how are we going to come and watch the "blood bath"??!!

pasivirta said...


we throw a gauntlet and we get this in response? such disrespect.


Maybe it was good that I move across the water to a land of true men who stand behind their gauntlet and will not hide from a challenge.

MatJenny said...

I didn't actually post this. Someone seems to have gained access to my computer. . . and his name rhymes with Mal Bleeg.