Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saint Herman's publications & communications

The June 2008 newsletter, with fasting rules and details of parish activities is now up at the homepage:

Hard copies will be at church this weekend with the June calendar attached, which is also updated online here:

Please be sure to get your copy and post it in an easy to see place!

Sunday bulletins have not been getting a lot of use, and the paper has been going to waste, so I am only going to print these on a week where there are announcements out of the ordinary not covered in the newsletter & calendar. If you have something that MUST be printed in a Sunday bulletin, please e-mail me by Saturday morning at the latest at

There will be NO newsletters in July and August. There WILL however be a calendar for each of those months and Sunday bulletins is needed. If in doubt about any dates and times, you can always drop by here at Spruce Island and/or the calendar page at!

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