Sunday, September 02, 2007

Reflections on Camp

Phil has told me some wonderful and inspiring things about camp, as well as reports from both parents and campers given after camp. I think it would be wonderful if we created a bit of a "reflections journal" here in which everyone and anyone (whether they attended camp or not) can reflect on the goodness that was and remains.
I, for one, would love to hear it.

What was inspiring?
What was uplifting?
What was funny or fun?
What was the best part?
What was the first thing you heard about when the campers returned?
What were the workshops like?
What was learned?

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kimberley francis said...

i think the lovely tig(ger) :) hainsworth was baptised. some of the pictures were breathtaking of her joy.

(that would be one of the highlights worth mentioning by the way Mr. Pasivirta!!?) ;)

Biss: i had dinner with the guys I think the day they got back over at St. John House and asked, y'know kind of what you're asking and they were all bleary eyed and like just kind of moaned "ah...? yeah... uh... it was well camp. we're reeeeeeaaaaaally (in a creaky voice) tired."

maybe you could come out next year biss and chill with us - visit camp on the visitor day or somthing?