Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In our very own Archdiocese-- the FIRST Orthodox "Quiet Garden" in the world!

I hadn't even heard of the "Quiet Garden" movement-- Oh, how we could use something like this in the neighbourhood of our church! If only we had more property......check out the links at the archdiocesan website to find out about the Quiet Garden movement....

"Our Orthodox Quiet Garden
at Sifton, MB, Canada
On the grounds of the recently-restored, beautiful Orthodox Church dedicated to the Holy Resurrection, a simple Quiet Garden awaits visitors.
We invite all to drop by, sit for a bit and enjoy the greenery, flowers and birds. It is a lovely prairie spot.

It is affiliated with the Quiet Garden Movement world-wide. One of the Trustees of the Quiet Garden Movement is Bishop Kallistos (Ware).
We are the first Orthodox Quiet Garden in the world! "

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RW said...

hmm. there are some possibilities here. lets talk to kai.