Saturday, August 25, 2007

Camp Pix - Day 2

Pictures from our second day at camp are now up here. Thanks to Victoria and Matushka Sarah for documenting the experience. (I hope to get some pictures shot by others up soon too.) Enjoy, and keep keeping us in your prayers!


biss said...

Thanks for posting these.
Avery looks so grown up! It's uncanny.
What's Phil carving?

RW said...

Gabe, liking your haircut!

Thanks for posting these again. It is awesome to see from a distance. Make sure someone gets a picture of Victoria!

Teacher Quinn said...

The best thing about these posts, is it makes those who AREN'T there want to BE there (except perhaps the parents who might be happy for some respite?!)

Simply Victoria said...

phil is carving a saint, I can't remember which, that matjenny sketched out for him on a small piece of wood. cool, eh?