Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Animals at Orthodox Monasteries

I couldn't resist passing along this delightful news story. about animals at monasteries in Russia.
It is nice to know that our Vladika Seraphim also has peacocks, along with other creatures, at the diocesan centre in Ontario.


Bro Cyp said...

Does Lucho the cat count as exotic? :)

matushkadonna said...

Do you have a church cat down there at St. John's? Post a picture!

-- Mat. Donna, currently cat-starved, as ours has seemingly left us

matushkadonna said...

er-- I hope Lucho isn't related to this fellow!

hmm...even if the story is basically real, behind the broken translation, methinks someone has, um, doctored the photo....;-)

Bro Cyp said...

Yeah, that's a doctored photo. I've seen it before.

I've got pictures of Lucho up on Facebook. Hang on, I'll get some here.