Monday, March 18, 2013

PreSanctified Liturgies this week.

A note about the Presanctified

Dear St. Hermanites,

A couple of items about parts of the Presanctified Liturgy served Wednesday and Friday in Lent.

Much of our liturgy takes the form of dialogue. For instance, in litanies, the priest and/or deacon chant their parts, while the whole church responds 'Lord have mercy.'

Antiphons are another form of dialogue, in which lines are sung alternately between two different groups. In the Presanctified we do this with men singing one line, women singing the next. Which group begins will depend on the mix of choir singers we have on a given night, so listen for the choir to begin. Then all men please sing along with the men's choir, and all women with the women's choir.

Another form of dialogue is verse with refrain. "Let my Prayer Arise" is sung in this fashion. The very beautiful Bortniansky trio is an old favourite in our parish as in many others. In this piece three voices (a trio of singers, as available on a given night) sing the verses while the congregation  and clergy are  kneeling in contemplation. Everyone sings the refrain between the verses.

Don't forget that services begin at SIX pm this year. Please fast from mid-day, and bring some Lenten food to share if you are staying to break your fast afterward.

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