Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome Baby Jordahl!

UPDATE: there will be a baby shower after church at Ana w's on Sunday, Oct. 28th. Further details will be announced via Facebook group. --MatD

Received from a member @ St. John & St. Nina's parish:

The Jordahl family have been blessed with another beautiful baby! 
It would be great to support them through this busy time by bringing them meals. 
If you are able to, please sign-up using the link below. 

Here's how:
2: Make an account / log in
3: Choose a day & bring a meal
* * Please note, they do not have an oven or a freezer large enough to keep meals.  If you would like to make a meal but are not able to deliver, I can deliver hot and around dinner time on select days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). * *

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