Saturday, September 01, 2012

‎*****IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDER for after church cleanup!

‎*****IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDER for after church cleanup!

It being summer with members of regular cleanup teams away, we depend on everyone to pitch in with cleanup as they are able, and it has mostly worked out very well-- thank you all for pitching in! 

However, we draw your attention to one very important safety item: for the second time in recent weeks, the stove has been found left on-- it must have been on since last Sunday, as the kitchen was not used during the week since. 

There is a CLEANUP CHECKLIST over the sink in the scullery closet.

PLEASE PLEASE if you happen to be the last one in the building, whatever else you do or don't manage to do from the checklist, please DOUBLE CHECK that the oven and all stove burners are OFF before going out and closing the door.

Thank you everyone for your help!

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