Monday, March 26, 2012

This week at St. Herman's March 26th- April 1st

A good time for confession!

Please note that the evening services this week are NOT eucharistic, and therefore there is no need to fast completely beforehand, and no meals afterward.

This also means that after these services would be an ideal time to get your Lenten confession in. Our parish has grown, so please don't wait till the last minute before Pascha.

Wed. March 28th 7 pm Canon of St. Andrew with the Life of St. Mary of Egypt

Fri. March 30th 7 pm Akathist to the Theotokos

Also please note the two posts just below this one--

re:  glass jars needed for processional path,

and also

re: Kenosis concert on Sunday April 1st 3 pm at St. Joseph's Langley.
This fantastic men's ensemble is led by our own Dan Steenburg, and several of the singers are also members of our parish.

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