Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday of Orthodoxy Icon Procession

We will be doing a procession with icons at liturgy this coming Sunday March 4th, the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy.

You may bring icons from home to carry if you wish. The picture below shows the correct way to carry the icons in procession. Please be sure your children are able to do this without dropping the icons. Before and after the procession they should also be handled reverently. There are not many spaces to place them in the windows at church, and they should not be piled on the floor, so a member of the family may have to slip back into the hall or your car to place them in a safe spot before we continue on with liturgy and communion.

I did see one interesting pictue online from Russia or Ukraine, but could not find it again to post here. It showed some littler children with small  cardboard print icons on a string around their neck. This might be an option for those with smaller children, but if so, after the procession do see that these also are treated reverently and put away so that children do not play with them.  

Meanwhile, the service schedule for the rest of this opening week of Lent are to be found in the post just below this one. 

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biss said...

Is there vespers?