Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Baby Steenburgh Food Roster/Food Roster Philosophy...

Hi Everyone!

Samuel Steenburgh has arrived home with his parents from hospital, and we would like to provide them about 10-14 days worth of suppers to help them get on their feet and give them one less thing to deal with during this intense adjustment phase.

a few small requests,  no avocados, not too sugary and not too greasy (is that even possible?)

How do you get signed up for this fabulous food frenzy? please go to the St. Hermans Facebook group (its a closed group if you aren't already in Matushka will let you in if you knock first) and comment on the post there regarding this subject. I don't want two separate lists, and that one started first.

I know Dan and Lisa and Samuel are grateful for our support.

David P

In other news, someone brought up a good point that these food rosters and anything like this where we support each other through new and challenging times shouldn't be only for those of us with new babies, I think we should all feel free to post requests for support in times of need on the blog or on Facebook or wherever. I think often it does happen for situations like moving or sometimes illness etc, but it doesn't hurt to remind us all once in a while.

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Lil'M said...

I attended a church back in Ontario that had a "program" (how very Evangelical of them) called Loaves & Fishes, dedicated specifically for times like what you mentioned above. A few years ago I brought it up in discussion with some people and it was turned down, since our community was so wide spread. With the recent growth, though, I think it could be done now that many in our community are living closer and those on the borders don't seem so far away anymore.