Thursday, November 03, 2011

Group Voice Coaching

Hello St. Hermans! I have been asked by a couple of folks who are already doing voice lessons with me if I would do some group voice coaching, and I have been encouraged by our fearless choir leader, Rd. Gregory, to do this for the benefit of our choir and church.

Why would you want to join us? here are a few great reasons to come to a voice coaching with me.

1. Learning. You will learn technical vocal skills which are applicable to any situation including reading aloud in church, chanting the psalms, or singing in choir. we will focus on skills required for individuals, such as breathing techniques and tone production, as well as technical details regarding choral singing such as listening. I will also teach a short segment on conducting gesture for those who are learning to lead choir, and for those who are learning to follow the director.

2. Economical The fee for this two hour session will be $20 per person, which is 1/4 the rate of a private lesson, and if you ask nicely I will bring us a snack for the break time, probably egg nog and coffee because it's good for your vocal chords.

 3. Personal growth/fun Singing is an intensely vulnerable act, and learning some technique will give you more confidence which will enable you to sing better, which will serve our community and our God. I will give you tools that will give you confidence, even by acknowledging the difficulty of singing in front of others, we can grow together and trust each other a bit more and incrementally improve our individual and group sound.

 I will be offering this at my house, where I have two pianos, and a coffee grinder, likely on a saturday afternoon that we do not have choir practice.

 NOTE: this is OPEN to ANYONE in the church, if you want to learn how to sing, want to join the choir, or are a reader and want some tips on vocal production and projection. Also, we need at least six people for this to happen, and a maximum of twelve so each person can have enough specific attention to make it worthwhile.

 I am thinking Nov 19 or 26, between 1:30 and 3:30 (which of course will preclude eggnog, as it is fasting time, though coffee will still be available)

 Also, if anyone else is interested in Private Voice Lessons, feel free to talk to me at church, though I think the best introduction and sample would be this group coaching. If you have any questions or suggestions, email me or leave a comment here.

And for those who wonder why I should be leading something like this, I have a BA in Voice and am almost finished my B.Ed in choral music.

David Pasivirta

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Donna Farley said...

Dave, the 19th is choir practice day.