Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anyone want a Christmas card post office at church?

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Who will help me, said the Little Red Hen? :-)

An idea I've had for a long time-- not primarily for a fundraiser, but it may make a little on the side. 

The last few years at Christmas we have tried to use the hall as a post office for member to member cards. The parish has grown so much that this is unwieldy, and we do end up with a lot of cards that never get picked up.

SO, this December I propose we open the "North Star Post Office" (name from the St. Herman tropar we sing after vespers) on, say, the first Sunday in December. 

We will need:

Crafty folk who can make a mailbox (and donation box) and a sign for the library window. We encourage folks to drop their cards for fellow members in the mailbox, and gladly accept any donations great or small. 

Volunteers to deliver the mail at coffee hour on the Sunday before Christmas, as well as any that get left over to the following weekend (Christmas Eve and Day) because the addressees were absent the first weekend.

I will personally commit to sorting and rubber-banding the cards on Sat. Dec. 17th, when I will be at the church for choir practice anyway. 

I always felt this could be a nice fundraiser/awareness stunt for camp if kids were to do the delivery. But it could also be for the building fund or Diakonia.

So-- who's in? The more volunteers to deliver, the quicker we can share them out by alphabetical order and hopefully get them all delivered before people leave for the day.

And I am all thumbs, so there is a BIG need for someone with the talent to make a presentable mailbox.


RW said...

This is an awesome idea! How big do you think the box needs to be?

Donna Farley said...

Well, you know we have now nearly 70 households in the parish directory....if everyone put an average of ten cards in, it would have to be big enough for 700 cards.......!

Donna Farley said...

We have the mailbox! Thank you Naomi.

Now we need a few more folks to volunteer to hand out the cards on Sunday Dec. 17th.