Friday, October 07, 2011

Free Furniture

Say the Havelings:

We're trying to find new homes for three bookcases.  

They are in good condition, each with six moveable shelves. 6ftx3ftx1ft. 

Mahogany laminate finish. Anyone who wants one can just come and take 'em. 

Sooner is better. ;)


And here at Chez Farley we also have furniture to give away-- in our case, a country style 

kitchen-dining table and four Windsor style chairs.  

Birch top and seats, white legs. There is a leaf, with the leaf in the table can seat six. 

The white paint is pretty banged up, so if you fancy fixing it up or don't mind it being like 

that, it's yours if you can take it away. 

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